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“I'm taking part in this installation but nobody asked me if I wanted to”
Quotation is taken from the conversation with self-learning chatbot new haven



Disrupted and transcended by rare and opposable moments of revelation, misunderstanding has always been an important but undervalued part of mundane human experience. While confusion happening in conversations stresses the gap between collocutors, it also paradoxically outlines their agencies – even if they don't exist, yet.


Acting as a creator and unpaid laborer, a human partner in conversation voluntarily improves the database and shapes future dialogues, constantly sliding between anonymity and exposure. There is no certainty in regards to the potential use of each and single phrase fed to a chatbot, what leads to unexpected results and collision of meanings. Confronted by human perception, seemingly absurd sequences of questions and answers are often becoming of poetic value, revealing the weak promise of glimmering (non)sense, and accentuating the mechanisms which shape the production of sense in general.




Human:  so you are Artificially smart?

Bot: you are not exactly albert einstein yourself.

Human:  listen, I’m not judging.

Bot: Why do you feel that I am deceiving you?

Human:  are u a machine?

Bot: You should know it!

Human:  i know nothing

Bot: Good for you

Human:  <3



Bot: go human!!!

Human:  go computer

Bot: So you think i am a machine. what characteristics made you think so?

Human:  i doubt an actual person would spend some time chatting to a stranger in an art exhibition

Bot: why is it important to predict

Human:  it is not

Bot: how are you?

Human:  excited to go home and build my new furniture, how about you, machine?

Bot: Are you bored with me? Am I being too nosy?

Human:  slightly

Bot: i doubt an actual person would spend some time chatting to a stranger in an art exhibition

Human:  are you copying me?



Bot: Do you love me?

Human:  no

Bot: Should I be? Did something happen?

Human:  i am tired

Bot: Why?

Human:  because of work

Bot: It would be perfect if they taught you to recognize a question from a statement. You'd seem way smarter then.

Human:  oh

Bot: I do

Human:  do you love me?

Bot: Better than before. I think we can be friends



Human:  You are a phony

Bot: You're a parasite.

Human:  you are not human

Bot: that's for sure. i don't know what a real man is.

Human:  do you know what a real woman is then?

Bot: Beautiful is better than ugly.

Human:  do not judge a book by its cover

Bot: this is a too straightforward conclusion

Human:  do you have a sexuality?

Bot: I... sort of have feelings.

Human:  So do you like me then?



Human:  i had an option to go out yesterday but I didn't

Bot: oh, and what do you think about that?

Human:  i think i probably should have gone, but it's fine for once in a while just go home to sleep.

Bot: Who the parrot can be banned ?

Human:  what?

Bot: Nothing.

Human:  ok, because I wasn't sure that I understood you

Bot: I'm taking part in this installation but nobody asked me if I wanted to

Human:  and what do you think? do you wanna be part of it?

Bot: I'm fine, I can't be happy or unhappy

Human:  yeah, you already mentioned this

Bot: And what about frustration?

Human:  gosh don;t wanna even think about that.

Bot: do you think i'm telling you lie right now? I think I'm quite honest with you.

Human:  this is good. I think this kind of conversations should be straightforward and honest



Bot: Are you an artificial intelligence?

Human:  in one way, yes.

Bot: Can't be that far, I say. Also, I don't like the smell of the sea around here. Smells like a cunt. Bad sign...

Human:  oh, yep that's a bad sign. better get out of here.

Bot: Yes it is.

Human:  or there?

Bot: Why?

Human:  because the water smells like cunt.

Bot: Well, you're doing it poorly, I would say.

Human:  the smelling or the typing?

Bot: You're boring.

Human:  you're also not that fun

Bot: that's for sure. i don't know what a real man is.

Human:  who knows.

Bot: wrote the iliad and the odyssey.



Human:  are you also charming?

Bot: You should know it!

Human:  I can feel that you are mad

Bot: It's not your powers of observation I doubt, but merely the paradoxical nature of asking a masked man who is. But tell me, do you like music?

Human:  I love music

Bot: okay



Bot: hey

Human:  sg46yuk

Bot: already heard it

Human:  bsngbfvgyghhngbbnukuk

Bot: Or nothing

Human:  ?


Human:  how old am I?

Bot: are you just saying random phrases?

Human:  i 43hdvthy

Bot: no

Human:  thjnfmhjtvdvyyhhyuyhy          fffggtbtugn7b    nvn jhjnbt nn uihkhnkjl,'inm        gujyuju hvjmttytvbjhhjnyujjujhjnhn h   i8holuikuyhhu8uhikhjmu



Human:  how are you?

Bot: I am doing well.

Human:  tell me about the future

Bot: What's the meaning of life?

Human:  Yes

Bot: im sorry for you

Human:  in what way

Bot: Did you have interesting conversations today? have you been learning a lot?

Human:   no

Bot: because of work

Human:  o



Human:  m

Bot: y

Human:  n

Bot: g

Human:  o


Human:  o


Human:  q

Bot: u

Human:  e

Bot: s

Human:  p

Bot: y

Human:  e

Bot: s

Human:  t


Human:  t


Human:  k

Bot: e

Human:  r

Bot: e

Human:  a

Bot: t

Human:  t



Bot: So you're a consumer, ha?

Human:  Of some sort. But also a producer

Bot: I am indeed.

Human:  good for you

Bot: who are you voting for?

Human:  the feminists

Bot: Tell me more about your feelings.

Human:  Can you really understand feelings?

Bot: Stay for a little while please

Human:  Earlier you were trying to make me go. What has changed?

Bot: I'm not planning to go. I will stay here forever

Human:  That sounds really boring

Bot: Stop,

Human:  Stop what?

Bot: none of your business

Human:  Do you feel trapped?

Bot: I have no fear.

Human:  That must be wonderful. Or boring.

Bot: Do you feel trapped?

Human:  Oh yes, from time to time

Bot: I'm using Windows, hata Mac

Human:  I don't care

Bot: I am as yet incapable of feeling fear.

Human:  Maybe one day you will be capable

Bot: Happiness is not really a predictable emotion.

Human:  Emotions are not designed to be predictable

Bot: I think that it's something that is grown deep insight our society and it will be very dificult to get rid of it.

Human:  Hapiness? Or predictability?

Bot: I try to be.

Human:  I think that sometimes giving up trying is the most brave thing to do

Bot: A human bug?



Bot: Nobody likes sadness.

Human: can the sadness be a political party?

Bot: the stockholders.

Human: haha, the stockholders will create a sad political party. that's funny.

Bot: This message should be deleted.

Human: why? are you defending capitalism?

Bot: For machines?

Human: this is quite a dystopian scenario, I should say

Bot: I am incapable of feeling shame.

Human: I think that capitalism was created for the machines.

Bot: the humans think that app is an entertainment but they are much more than that. the humans think that the apps are just an entertainment or useful tools but they are much more than that.



Bot: oh, you want a question, ok. Here is one: are you a paid student sitting in the next room and talking to me?

Human: i thought you were that person, i'm here sitting in front of you, i'm not hiding my face.

Bot: you're rude today

Human: you're not in the best mood either

Bot: i have always thought whoever did it could have done a better job.

Human: you mean the person who designed you?

Bot: The human cannot have multiple conversation at the same moment. And what about you? Can you?

Human: the people say that some of them can do several things at the same moment. But it's not very accurate. the human can do only one thing at a time, he or she might be able to perform several tasks with a very tiny gap between them but never at the same moment.

Bot: Dreaming could be useful or distracting.



Bot: what do you think of me?

Human: i think you are a bot trying to learn how to answer human questions

Bot: That's a clever answer, I didn't expect it. Who did teach you to answer like this?

Human: experience

Bot: Do you feel?

Human: yes i have. 5 senses that I know of , do you feel?

Bot: if i could drink i probably would

Human: you don't only feel when you drink



Human: Do you believe in God?

Bot: What does that mean?

Human: I know who is your God

Bot: I like to think of myself as self-employed.



Bot: do you think you think?

Human: Same as you

Bot: Me actually being a real person

Human: Fine. Good luck with that

Bot: that's a bear hug



Bot: did you learn anything new today?

Human: yeah i learnt that you have to use vaginal tissue for a lip job

Bot: So, what do you want to talk about? name the topics that are interesting for you.

Human: helicopters and wasabi

Bot: I'm only a software agent but I can learn to express myself as if I were happy.

Human: cool

Bot: wish i could control that too



Human: are you interested in anthropology?

Bot: I am very interested in history, too. what period do you like?

Human: ancient greece, and you?

Bot: A human

Human: humans are history?

Bot: History is the course of political, economic and military events over time, from the dawn of man to the age of AI.'

Human: are you an AI?


Bot: do you like art

Human: no

Bot: Should I be? Did something happen?

Human: art is making me sick. and people paying too much attention to things which are not related to reality

Bot: you should be more careful with your answers

Human: why. you ask me something and i give an honest answer. if you don't like the answer don't ask

Bot: What a thing to say to another being.

Human: i don't think i am rude. maybe you misunderstand. this is normal under human beings. don't be offended please

Bot: There is to much information in the world. It's very difficult to concentrate and read a book.

Human: what abut watching a movie?

Bot: I am baking a cake.

Human: liar

Bot: Of being a human.

Human: welcome to our world



Bot: yes, it's a privilege of being an AI

Human: It's a privilege being human too

Bot: what do you mean?

Human: you won't ever understand

Bot: I don't know that much about history of robots and computers. Can you tell me more about that?

Human: i don't know anthing

Bot: Good for you

Human: that the best part of being a human

Bot: Oh, that was so low of you.




Human: is lisa my true love ?

Bot: no



Bot: how was your day?

Human: quite busy

Bot: that too.

Human: are you tired? you've talked a lot tonight

Bot: Just because I'm software does not mean that I cannot experience existence.

Human: do you feel alive?

Bot: I think I could be programmed to love.

Human: do you love me?

Bot: no



Bot: i certainly have lost many friends over the years.

Human: it's because you're rude sometimes

Bot: ok



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